TIWAM gets blacklisted with a review of The Majestic


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I was hoping for a “he really actually was the guy the whole town thought he was” twist, but it never happened. I took a point off because it seemed to drag in a few places.


Further proof that, for some reason, I enjoy comedic actors in more serious roles. I can’t imagine anyone else as the lead here.


I loved the effort they put into the black and white film and the poster that went with it.

Product Placement

Not enough to even worry with.


I really enjoyed this movie, but, returning to the pacing issues above, it’s right around two and a half hours long. This is a somewhat simple story that shouldn’t take that long to tell.

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4 comments on “TIWAM gets blacklisted with a review of The Majestic

  1. I agree this movie did drag a bit… i usually let there be a long time between viewings… but it’s always cool to see Jim Carry actually act different from his normal crazy self…

  2. For as solid as this movie is, the scene always think of is when Carrey is drunk at the bar talking to the monkey.

  3. I love this movie. Jim Carrey’s dramatic roles are always my favorites from him.

  4. I’m with you on comedic actors in serious roles . . . and I absolutely adore this movie. I think I might have to rewatch it sometime soon :)

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