You knew a Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle review was next


This is a review of the “Unrated Version”, whatever that means.


The story here lacked focus, mostly due to an acute case of sequel-itis. They tried to be bigger and more extreme, but instead it ended up just being complicated and hard to follow.


Shia LeBeouf and Bruce Willis? How did they…what is going…

Bernie Mac was not as good of a Bosley as Bill Murray was.


In typical sequel style, the visuals seem a little cheaper this time around.

Product Placement

Enough stuff to take a point off for. We’ll leave it at that.


Sometimes a 2 in this category is synonymous with “You want to watch that? Okay, I guess.”

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2 comments on “You knew a Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle review was next

  1. i just liked the fact that Lucy Lui’s dad thought they were prostitutes.. and that’s like the only thing i remember from that movie… so that says something about that i guess…

  2. The first was fun, but this one was just… I dunno. Bad. How is it that elite kungfu spies get their asses kicked by Irish thugs? And the wirework was just lazy and over the top.

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