Accept the The Perks of Being a Wallflower review you think you deserve



The best word I can use to describe this movie is “gentle.” It invites you in, much like the other characters invited the main character in.

I would have liked to see him give at least one snappy comeback to the mean girl in English class, though.


If my teenage self had seen this film, he would have said, “This is highly unrealistic. People like that don’t exist.”

Adult me knows that teenage me was an idiot these are some of the most real characters ever put on film.


Going along with the “gentle” thing above, I can definitely see where they were going with their lighting choices, but it was still a little too dim for me.

Product Placement

I’d mention the RC Colas near the beginning, but does RC Cola even have an advertising budget?


This movie never made it to the theater where I live, so I’ve been waiting patiently for it to be released on DVD for months now. I have to say that, for the most part, it lived up to my expectations.

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32 comments on “Accept the The Perks of Being a Wallflower review you think you deserve

  1. Nice review and I agree…the characters were quite real.

  2. I’ve only read the book. Can’t wait to see this. Its getting great reviews everywhere :)

  3. Oh I loved this movie, and I agree: “Where was my accepting group of outcast friends in high school?” I missed out on mine too.

  4. Absolutely adored this movie……I missed out on having outcast friends like these….if i could go back……I’d be one of them……my adult self would anyway

  5. Nice post (and loved the title!). One of my favorite films of 2012.

  6. Good review. This one took me by surprise and ranks up there with one of my favorite high-school movies I’ve seen in the past 10 years.

  7. “Gentle” is a perfect one-word review for this one.

  8. I didn’t see a whole lot of 2012 movies, but this would be in my top 5 for sure. Though I think that there are a lot more outcasts that don’t luck into accepting friends like this. On a completely different note, I’m reminded of an old idea I had for a teen drama TV series that I thought would be interesting, it would be about a quiet outcast kid who has no friends and doesn’t really talk to anybody, but he imagines himself breaking out of his shell and interacting. The show would switch back and forth between what’s actually happening to the people around him while he’s being invisible and what’s happening with him in the middle of things in his imagination.

  9. [...] Today I Watched A Movie – Now, I don’t know this person at all…  BUT, I do sometimes read their blog.  Why?  Great movie reviews.  I’m a movie guy.  I live and breathe movies, so I love reading reviews.  That’s the main reason for the nomination.  Maybe it’s because they’re INSPIRING me to become a movie critic…  But that’s a stretch, I don’t know if that’s what I want to do. [...]

  10. I wrestled with myself for weeks about whether I should make time to watch this movie when it was out in cinemas.

    Now I’m all annoyed I didn’t. ’tis on the list!

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing this someday. Some day… And not because of Hermione either!

  12. The book will always be one of my favorites, but I won’t compare. They changed up some things and I posted about it. But this film was one of the very few that didn’t disappoint me after having read the book.

  13. It is a sweet little film, good to see that more and more good reviews appear.

  14. “Adult me knows that (teenage me was an idiot) these are some of the most real characters ever put on film.”


    I really enjoyed this movie. Very authentic, and now I’m dying to read the book.

  15. I LOVED this film when i saw it in the cinema last year. It was one of the most touching films i have ever seen and it made me shed tears and when a film can do that to me it has to be good. I absolutely adored this film and it was my 2nd favourite film of 2012.

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