Can your heart stand a review of Ed Wood?



True stories make good films. Crazy true stories make even better films.


I kept forgetting that Bela Lugosi wasn’t really in this film. I also kept forgetting that Sarah Jessica Parker is usually not very good in movies.


Best way to film a movie about Ed Wood? Make it look like a movie by Ed Wood.

Product Placement

Not one single thing. See? It can be done!


Finally, a Tim Burton / Johnny Depp collaboration I can enjoy.

In some ways, Tim Burton is a modern day Ed Wood, so nobody else could have pulled this off quite as well.

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23 comments on “Can your heart stand a review of Ed Wood?

  1. I LOVE “Ed Wood” As It’s Also My Favorite Johnny Depp Colab With Tim Burton. This One And “Edward Scissorhands” (though my favorite part of “E.S.” is VINCENT PRICE!!!). :D

  2. Nice review. This really is a great film and I’d say it’s Burton’s best.

  3. I’ve not seen this one yet, but the phrase “Finally, a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration I can enjoy” has seen it put on my list of films to watch!

  4. Excellent film and I agree with you about Burton/Depp…it’s one of their rare gems.

  5. 100% the best Burton movie. Great Depp performance and George “The Animal” Steele to boot!

  6. Probably Burton’s most-human project and one that made me really want to watch more of Ed Wood. Then I did, and I hated it. But still, thanks to Burton my interest was at least there. Good review.

  7. Awesome! Love to see this movie get a 3. My favorite Tim Burton film and favorite Depp performance.

  8. This was a great movie…for all the reasons you mentioned.

  9. What made this a great Burton film is that it wasn’t just more of the same stuff he keeps putting out. Alice In WOnderland, Dark Shadows, Sweeny Todd, It all seems like the same movie again and again. I ache for him to do something original, something brilliant again….something I haven’t seen before – the way Nightmare before Christmas was, the way Batman was, The way Beetlejuice was, the way Sleepy Hollow was….Burton frustrates me becasue he seems to just recycle the same feel of the films from his glory days without creating something fresh.

  10. Nice reduction, and indeed one of Burton’s best films. Sounds like you’re not a fan and I must admit, his dalliances can be so far off the mark as to seem like one big joke that he’s not in on – case in point, Charlie at the factory, Planet of Apes, and even Big Fish left me cold. I do like Beetlejuice and Scissorhands though, really classic Burton. I mean if you’re getting at the essence of his style these are it.

    People think minimalist reviews are easy (and they aren’t) because good writers make it look that way. Nice job!

  11. The moment when Johnny Depp appeared in the belly dancer’s outfit will haunt me to my deathbed…

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