Get out your charcoal pencils, it’s an Alex Cross review



You guys know I don’t enjoy violent movies, but this film seemed to suffer from not being able to show as much violence as it needed to. Plus they never explained the reason behind the bad guy’s drawings.


I know absolutely nothing about Alex Cross, but he came across as a highly-unrelatable know-it-all in this film.

Matthew Fox can pull off a pretty good crazy guy. Too bad this film made him act like a Batman villain. Too bad they went to the trouble of giving him a name that nobody ever said.


I think they strapped a camera to the back of a scared squirrel for some of these scenes.

Product Placement

Cadillac, anyone? Are you sure? We have plenty. There’s some Chevrolet in the back if you’d rather have that.


There are so many of these types of films out there. Surely you can find one more interesting to watch.

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12 comments on “Get out your charcoal pencils, it’s an Alex Cross review

  1. I just can’t imagine Tyler Perry as an action hero.

  2. It’s just a lame, forgettable action thriller that wasn’t fun, new, or entertaining really, just stupid. Good review.

  3. Yeeeep. I’ve avoided this one like the plague! Your review reassures me of my decision!!!!

  4. How in the heck did this land a 1.8? You weren’t lying when you said your rating system was a “work in progress”! lol.

    I went to the cinema a few months back to watch a flick and when it was over I slipped in “Alex Cross” just to make sure it wasn’t possibly better than I expected, and after a few minutes it was confirmed that it was pretty bad. On-the-nose dialogue. Unclear motivation of the villain. Bad acting. Poor writing. Undeveloped protagonist we were just supposed to buy as a hero. lol. Needless to say it didn’t take me long to slip out. Too bad b/c Matthew Fox’s character had potential to be an intriguing villain. Maybe they had a real screenwriter, and Idris Elba to play the hero it could have been great.

    “I will not let him hurt anyone that I love.” lol.

    • Boring, bland movies usually fall between 1.8 – 2.2.

      It’s the ones that are so bad they’re anger-inducing that usually get lower than that.

      Oh, and the “work in progress” is the graphic showing how scoring works. The scoring system itself is set in stone by this point. ;)

  5. lol, not that I was ever going to pay to see this, but now I think I’ll wait at least 5 years to watch it for free.

  6. I really hated this movie. It’s bad on a lot of different levels but I specifically thought about you because half of the movie felt like a giant Cadillac commercial.

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