I survived The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure and lived to review it



The Oogieloves are a horrible mixture of every post-Banana Splits children’s show ever made. It seems to be made with the mindset that little kids are satisfied with bright colors and movement.

An extra point was taken off for filling an “interactive” movie with completely forgettable, non-catchy songs.


I was prepared to begrudgingly give this a 2 here, until I did research and found out this is actually not based on a TV show like I first thought.

As such, they did an awful job of establishing the characters in this movie. Three alien things who live with a giant talking vacuum cleaner, a singing window, a wisecracking fish, and a pillow that seems to have suffered a stroke, and they don’t bother explaining any of that? They treated it as though the audience is supposed to already know who these weirdos are.


Getting back to that “bright colors and movement” thing from above, things were pretty much on par for what you’d expect from a film like this. I mostly took off a point because I’m still bitter about them insulting the intelligence of preschoolers.

Product Placement

Yeah, nothing here besides a few horrible puns like “Fishto Bismol,” which I mostly just brought up here to prove I really watched this mess.


The only reason I sat through this is to show that pretty much no movie is off limits around here.

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39 comments on “I survived The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure and lived to review it

  1. ROFL! I start to praise your work now. I can do the talking vacuum and singing window but a pillow with a stroke? Weird stuff….

    You know, I’ve realized that the new cartoons targeted to young kids are really stupid nowadays. I remembered when I had Magic School Bus and Arthur…they at least didn’t mock your intelligence or it tried to teach you something…of course those are adapted from TV. Okay, Doug was made into a movie and that was a pretty decent show. Man, I miss cartoons when I was young.

  2. Wow, I’m not sure if I should be impressed you actually watched this, or scared because you ACTUALLY WATCHED THIS!! Regardless, props to you. :)

  3. I appreciate that you bring up the fact that there’s sadly a lot of junk out there “insulting the intelligence of preschoolers”. As the parent of young child, it’s sometimes hard to find things that are both fun and educational, without the cynicism (which is really there for the few parents who get easily bored) or the assumption of a low IQ in the children watching. That being said, a children’s movie or show should be interactive and educational and simply entertaining :)

    • The green thing kept using all these giant words that I almost had to look up, and nobody bothered explaining what they meant.

      No movie aimed at little kids should talk about acceleration trajectories without at least attempting to give a simplified definition.

  4. I’m not sure what to say about this movie and how you were able to sit through the whole thing.

    I would never let my toddler even be exposed to the DVD cover. That’s just disturbing.

  5. I read that this was one of the biggest box office bombs ever. Why would you make a kids’ movie with characters that haven’t already been established and them give them no backstory? My daughter’s eyes are going nowhere near this.

    • They didn’t even have an explanatory theme song. They had an opening “we are the Oogieloves and this is our movie” scene, but it only established what their names were and which stereotype they fit into.

      Apparently this film made an average of $47 per theater on opening weekend.

  6. Well, it looked pretty terrible based off the poster.

  7. I admire your tolerance. Perhaps it’s practice to watching TWD. Lol!

  8. so, did you like it?

  9. The fact that the poster says that it came out in Oogust is pretty much all I need to know about this.

  10. Wow, all I can say is that you are a brave soul to even attempt watching this movie! I knew it would be a box office bomb when I sat in theaters with actual children present, the trailer came on, and I didn’t hear one child exclaim with excitement. That’s definitely a bad sign.

  11. What in the hell’s name is this monstrosity? I NEED TO SEE IT!!!! Is it available on DVD or something?

  12. Great Scott! I can’t believe Christopher Lloyd went for this. TOP MARKS for getting from start to finish! In terms of the back story, it’s time that they made a prequel to this bad boy. I’m all for learning more about the Oogies.

  13. And you watched this…..why???????????

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