I hesitate to advertise this Branded review



This film almost completely lost me during the “cow killing and mud dumping” scene. It got pretty weird after that, but I liked the underlying premise, though.


Leelee Sobieski. I challenge you to find an actress with a name that’s more fun to say.

Oh, wait. That’s not what this section is for. Somehow, the narrator made this feel like the events in this film had really happened.


I didn’t really get the point of the aspect ratio changes, but I guess it’s not worth taking a point off for. Especially since the creatures were really fascinating.

Product Placement

The subject matter of this film required that brands be at least mentioned, which they were. The majority of the brands featured were obvious parodies of real brands, which is always a welcome sight.


As someone who works in the advertising industry, I probably connected with it a little better than some would. Still, it got a little too strange at times for me to fall in love with it, though.

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5 comments on “I hesitate to advertise this Branded review

  1. I actually really kinda liked this movie…one strange surreal adventure into the Russian psyche…and for the adventurous viewer of STF movies, well worth the trip!

  2. I keep almost watching this movie, I’ve been so curious about it for a long time but always take note of it when I’m not in the mood to watch it. Must check it out soon though, love weird movies like this.

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