Hand over the briefcase, it’s a The Cold Light of Day review



The plot kept trying to twist so much that it ended up in a huge knotted “I feel like I’ve seen this before” mess.


So having Bruce Willis in your movie for approximately 30 minutes is enough to warrant his picture on the poster?

The most important element in a “who can be trusted?” kind of story like this is for the audience to care about the characters that they’re trying to figure out.

That didn’t happen here.


Typical action visuals. Of course this means a few shaky, color-filtered scenes, but overall, not a lot to mention.

Product Placement

They did a pretty good job of obscuring logos at first, but there was a little too much Audi, Land Rover, and Blackberry action after a while.


I usually reserve 1s in this category for incredibly terrible movies, but I just absolutely do not care if I ever see this again.

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16 comments on “Hand over the briefcase, it’s a The Cold Light of Day review

  1. Yeah this movie was garbage and it pains me because I am a huge Bruce Willis fan. Maybe Willis during production saw how bad this movie was going to be and asked to be taken out of it as much as possible haha

  2. Please do a review on Babylon AD… it’s probably the most pointless and worst movie i’ve ever seen but i feel like others must watch it to share in my suffering… plus there was a scene that made me think of you… they’re in a plane and it pans out to show Coca Cola written on the side for like ever… personally if i was Coca Cola i wouldn’t want any connection to that movie…

  3. lol.. When Bruce wills was shot, i thought he didnt die.. but my thoughts was wrong.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. really appreciate.

  4. i swear i was like on of the few peope who didn’t mind this film. sure it is not masterpiece when it comes to thriller-based films but i thought it was alright. maybe i need to rewtch it to see all of its supposed issues and what not/ anyways great review yo!

  5. Heh, the trailer looked so promising and I really want to see Henry in an action movie as I’ve only seen him in The Tudors. Ah well, I might still give it a shot if it arrives on Netflix.

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