Let’s enjoy a conversation about The Last Samurai



This story is basically Dances with Wolves in Japan, and, like Dances with Wolves, it was quite long and drawn out.

I must note, however, that I find the westernization of Japan to be one of the most fascinating times in history, so this review is totally biased in that regard…despite any “liberties” that were taken with the subject matter in this film.


Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe worked really great together.


Typical historical drama visuals.

Product Placement

Obviously none.


I watched 2/3 of this one night and the final 1/3 the next. I originally wrote in my notes that this film was a little too long for its own good, but I somehow ended up falling in love with it during the final hour.

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22 comments on “Let’s enjoy a conversation about The Last Samurai

  1. It Is A Damn Fine Flick, Fo SHO. I’m Not The Biggest Tom Cruise Fan, But I Really Enjoyed This One.

  2. I love this movie, one of Tom Cruise’s best films no doubt. But the plot does drag a little bit. Great review! :)

  3. Good review. Cruise is always at the top of his game, and the flick helps him out as well.

  4. One of my favorite soundtracks!

  5. One of the first DVDs I ever bought. I’m know I’m going to get butchered in my sleep for saying this, but as far as period piece war epics go, this is my favorite. (Yes, including Braveheart.)

  6. This is one of my favorite Tom Cruise movies. I agree, he worked really good with Ken Watanabe.

  7. I really liked this film, Ken Watanabe was fantastic :D

  8. Really, really good movie. I remember seeing it in the theater and then going back the next day to see it again. Good stuff!

    • Haha wow that’s dedication. It actually turned out to be nothing like the synopsis I remember hearing when it was in theaters.

      I heard it was about an American soldier who went to Japan, learned samurai fighting techniques, then used them to help win the Civil War.

  9. Really great movie, I’m with you on the interest in Japanese culture helping with that respect. By the way, have you seen Memoirs of a Geisha yet? That would be an interesting one to review.

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