Find closure with a 10 Years review



I have to admit, I went into this wanting to hate it, but I can’t take points off for a movie making me projectively sad and nostalgic for events that never happened to me.


Yeah, I graduated ten years ago. Apparently some of these people were held back ten years is all I’m saying.

As usual, some of the characters got neglected and underused, which always happens in this sort of film.


There was pointless video camera footage that seemed to be put in “because we can.”

Product Placement

One Pepsi can.

I know, I know. “One Pepsi can what?” You think you’re so funny.


It could have been a lot worse, I suppose. As far as “ensemble comedies” go, it was one of the better ones.

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9 comments on “Find closure with a 10 Years review

  1. seriously? I thought this movie sucked, one of the worst of December

  2. This isn’t the first positive review I’ve seen of this. I may have to check it out. On the plus side, it’s a film my missus will actually watch because of Mr Tatum so if it’s rubbish, atleast I’ll have someone else to ridicule it with.

  3. I actually watched it yesterday with no expectation of liking it. Really surprised me. I felt for most of the storylines all throughout with the exception of Justin Long’s, though the ending was a nice payoff. I think it definitely benefits from the charming cast.

  4. I wasn’t expecting anything out of it actually. But like I said in a post, I was surprised that I was a bit entertained by it (not the whole film, really). But maybe it was more of the realization and feeling of nostalgia that “hey! I graduated high school more than a decade ago” that it felt like, with all the other reunion movies out there, this would probably be something I could relate to.

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